Reasons Why Marketing Is The Most Important Job For A Startup Founder

Marketing is the process of communicating the value of your business to your customers. In short, marketing is getting your customers to buy from you. A great marketing strategy can help you attract new customers and keep old ones happy.

While all companies need a good marketing strategy, it’s particularly critical for startups. A new company has no brand recognition and few customers when it launches. That means it must spend significant money on advertising to let people know it exists.

If you’re a startup founder, you can market your business in many different ways. You can use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to spread the word about your product or service. You can also create traditional ads on television or in newspapers and magazines.

Marketing isn’t just about getting new customers; it’s also about keeping existing ones happy so they won’t take their business elsewhere. For example, if you’ve just launched a new app, you might want to send out emails every few months letting people know about new features or updates on bugs (as long as there aren’t any).

Here are a few reasons why you should carry out a full blast marketing activity for your business:

  • Marketing Informs
  • Marketing helps your business to maintain relevance
  • Marketing turns your audience to paying customers
  • Marketing helps build a relationship between your business and your customers
  • Marketing boost sales
  • Marketing helps you make informed decisions.
  • Marketing helps you to build and maintain brand reputation

Marketing Informs

Your business needs to be visible to people. Your target audience needs to know that you exist. Marketing informs your target audience about you.

You won’t make any sales if no one knows about you, where you are or even the product you’re selling. Marketing tells people “oh, I’m here. Check me out.” It tells your audience who you are, what you do and how you can make their lives better.

It will tell your target audience why they should pick you over other businesses that are always in your audience faces.

Marketing helps your business to maintain relevance

Another thing marketing will do for you is help you maintain relevance in the space you’re existing.

You do not want your business to fade away, go extinct and out of people’s memory. To do that, you have to be in their faces at all times.

No one will buy from you when you don’t cross their minds or when they don’t see you on their Instagram feeds or Twitter timeline. Marketing activities keep you in their faces, in their mind.

Do not relent after making sales from your black Friday sales and conclude that you already have your audience locked. Wake up! Another business owner selling the same product as you is doing December clearance sales!

Marketing turns your audience to paying customers

Marketing converts the audience to customers when you give them reasons to buy. They might have been seeing you post bags on your page and wonder whether you are a bag lover. The caption you add will tell them you’re selling it, it’s affordable and you’re running a discount.

Do not ignore any marketing form if you want your audience to buy from you. Run an advert, do promotions, sales or maybe giveaways. Ensure you don’t run at a loss though! The goal is to get them to buy from you.

Marketing helps build a relationship between your business and your audience

Marketing helps you build and maintain a relationship with your audience turn customers. It’ll aid trust and you’ll be their go-to brand when they need the product you’re selling.

When you send regular emails to your customers, they’ll know you’re there. They are the people you tell you’re running a promotion, introducing a new product to your store. They know your activities and you include them.

This will aid trust. They will know they can get to you anytime they want and via the means you have made available for them. Trust is an important factor to maintain a relationship.

Marketing boost sales

Marketing activities help to increase sales. The difference between a normal post and a promoted post online is the interaction they both get.

Marketing puts you in front of a larger audience. A promoted post is much more likely to reach more audience than a post that will only appear on the timeline of your followers alone.

People will then take actions from your promoted posts. They will visit your page, maybe follow you and actually buy something from you. The more people see you, the more they are likely to buy from you.

Marketing helps you make informed decisions

Marketing gives you insights on your audience interaction with your brand. It’ll show you the people who interacted with your brand, their gender, their age, their location. You will be able to know those who are more interested in your brand and you can make them your focus.

If you send a survey via email marketing to know your customers view about your product, it will help you to do better as a brand.

Try different messages on your audience and see the one that gets a positive reaction from them and act on it.

Marketing helps you build and maintain brand reputation

Your brand reputation is who your audience thinks you are. You don’t want your audience to think you are a snob and unapproachable, or you’re untrustworthy.

The marketing activities you do will be the basis of what people will think of your brand. If a person sees you have little followers, they’ll think you’re new and you’re probably not trustworthy and go for another business owner who has more followers and gets lots of engagements on their post. Invest in good marketing.

Your brand reputation can make or mar you in the marketplace. If people praise you on their page or post reviews online about you, it could bring a boost to your business or damage your business reputation.

When you engage with your customers online, they know you’re there and approachable. When you do promotions, they’ll know that you reward loyal customers. Rewarding loyal customers is another way of building a reputation for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is marketing important for small business?

Marketing is important for small businesses to survive in the large marketplace. As a small business owner, you desire to grow, to increase your market. To do that, you need to include marketing in your plans.

You don’t want to close your shop after struggling for a while. You’ll shatter the trust of your little customers and it might dent the image of your business if you decide to rise again.

What is the importance of marketing in business success?

A business who carries out marketing activities is much more likely to be successful than ten others who don’t. 

If you want your business to grow bigger than it currently is, you should reinforce your business with different forms of marketing. Marketing helps you to boost sales and sales keeps you going.

Why is marketing important in beating your business rival?

You don’t want to stay at the same level as your competitors and one best way to be ahead of them is to market your business.

Marketing will attract your competitors’ audience to you. People are prone to promotion, they draw to it like a magnet to iron.

If your competitor sells a hundred bags weekly, imagine how many you will sell in a week if you reinforce it with marketing activities. A subtle reminder, “don’t over do it and run at a loss.”

Is marketing the next thing for my business?

If you want to take your business to the next level, and you want to be among the top brands making it in 2021, then, yes, you should consider marketing as the next big step that would turn your business around for better.

Marketing is as important to business as the air we breathe because it’ll keep your business running. If you want your business to survive and you also want your business to be successful, you should engage in marketing.

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