How to Write A Good Application Email that would Land you to your dream job

good application email

Most candidates intend to send out a resume via email because they plan to apply in an online job portal. I do my research in applying for jobs, and I’m very particular about how I write my application email. I wish I had had this guide when I started writing my application email.

This guide will teach you different ways how to write a good application email. If you want to land your dream job or any other career position, then this does help a lot.

From developing collateral and building brand identities to overseeing social media content and managing community/media relations, I excel at generating effective and positive organizational exposure and enabling the success of dynamic marketing, PR, and internal communications campaigns.

With persuasive communication skills to influence public and employee perceptions, along with my proven history of developing trusting and lasting relationships, I am prepared to substantially impact the success of your organization.

Writing A Good Application Email

Highlights of my experience include the following:

  • Writing and distributing newsletters, prepping executive spokespersons, producing website and blog content, spearheading social media content management, and attaining high-profile media coverage to communicate key messaging and initiatives.
  • Deep knowledge of traditional and new media channels to accelerate promotional and brand messaging efforts; utilizing websites and blogs to expand communication vehicles.
  • Consistently elevating corporate image through marketing events, promotional campaigns, and news and story content.
  • Leveraging talents in presentation, event coordination/leadership, and community relationship building to accelerate communications efforts and organizational growth.
  • Demonstrating outstanding verbal and written communication skills while thriving in deadline-driven, fast-paced environments.


Ask yourself why you want the job and highlight your skills and knowledge accordingly. Make sure to customize your cover letter. Make sure to be specific in the email. Apply for jobs outside of your country if you are not getting any response in your own country.

Do not include a link to your portfolio in your email (remember to create a password-protected portfolio on a website like Behance or CargoCollective). It’s a make-or-break sort of situation. There is no room for error here.

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