ChatGPT Expands to Mobile: Now Available for iPhone and iPad

chatgpt mobile

OpenAI recently released the official ChatGPT app for iOS, allowing users to access the popular AI chatbot on their iPhones and iPads. While there were unofficial ChatGPT apps available on the App Store earlier, this is the official client provided by OpenAI.

The app is free, doesn’t contain any advertisements, and is currently only available in the United States. However, OpenAI plans to expand its availability to the international market soon and has also announced that an Android version will be released in the near future.

ChatGPT Moves to Mobile

ChatGPT, the fashion-forward chatbot, has been making waves since its public debut last November. Its popularity has even prompted other tech giants like Google to develop their own chatbot solutions, with Google Bard being a noteworthy contender.

Initially accessible only via the web at “,” the plan was always to release mobile apps for the major platforms.

With the launch of ChatGPT for iOS, users can now enjoy the same features and benefits as the desktop version.

This means you can interact with this chatbot AI to ask questions and receive answers across various fields, eliminating the need for traditional web searches.

It’s important to note that the mobile app is still in the prototype phase but has been refined using reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF) and the powerful GPT model (currently in version 4).

This neural network is believed to be the largest of its kind on the planet, adding to ChatGPT’s impressive capabilities.

The new mobile app offers a convenient feature that syncs your search history across all devices. This means that ChatGPT will remember your previous searches made through its web interface and tailor its responses accordingly.

Additionally, the app is integrated with Whisper, OpenAI’s open-source speech recognition system. This integration allows you to interact with the chatbot using voice input, making it even easier and more intuitive to engage in conversations with ChatGPT.

Accessing ChatGPT on your Apple mobile device is as easy as downloading the app from the App Store. Simply ensure your device runs on iOS 16.1 or a newer version, then log in with your account details.

If you’re a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of accessing GPT-4 capabilities through the new app. OpenAI also promises early access to new features and faster response times for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. As you may already know, ChatGPT offers a subscription payment option priced at $19.90 per month.

The arrival of the ChatGPT mobile app is a significant advancement that could transform how people use their phones.

It allows direct access to ChatGPT without relying on a search engine or web browser. Interestingly, Google recently removed the waiting list for its own AI chatbot, Bard, highlighting the competition in shaping the future of search engines.

Are you concerned about the rapid progress of AI models and their potential for harm?

You’re not alone. In March, a group of 1,000 people, including scientists, engineers, intellectuals, businessmen, politicians, and influential figures in the technology world, signed an open letter. They called for a six-month pause in the development of major Artificial Intelligence projects due to the significant risks they pose to society and humanity if not properly controlled and managed.

With the recent release of ChatGPT for iOS and the upcoming Android version, the AI phenomenon seems unstoppable. In this context, the focus on the ethical aspects of AI has taken a backseat, and the primary consideration is the business potential it offers. And indeed, the possibilities are immense. Companies are striving to attract as many users as possible because the natural language processing model is still in its learning phase. Each interaction contributes to the improvement of the neural networks that power these AI systems.

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